Psychoactive Fungi:
Chemistry, History, Lore, and More


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It may be that fungal substances were the first mind-altering compounds humans discovered. Since that time, psychoactive fungi have laid at the foundation of human cultures, influencing customs, religions, and the development of mythology in numerous ways. Even today, these fungi are being investigated for their ability to serve as valuable medicine for various mental and physical maladies. But despite their great importance, psychoactive fungi remain poorly understood by many due to their effects being taboo in modern cultures.

In this course, you will learn about the incredible history and facets of psychoactive fungi, and how that knowledge can be applied in our modern lives.

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  • The chemistry and pharmacology of psychoactive fungal compounds (e.g. psiloc[yb]in, muscimol, d-lysergic acid amide [LSA], ethanol, etc.)
  • Taxonomy of psychoactive fungi
  • Psychoactive fungi in religion, myth, art, and cultural development
  • Psychoactive fungi in modern culture
  • Psychoactive fungi in health care and psychotherapy
  • Processing psychoactive fungal compounds

This course is ideal for anyone who is fascinated by these unique fungi and who wants to fully understand their complexity and potential for influencing culture. This course is also an ideal complement for anyone interested in studies in natural products chemistry, pharmacology, theology, anthropology, mythology, and general psychedelics or mycological studies.

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— About the instructor —

Peter McCoy is the founder of MYCOLOGOS® and the author of Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working With Fungi, one of the most comprehensive books on accessible mycology written to date. For the last 10 years, Peter's unique approach to working with fungi has brought him to present to tens of thousands of people around the world. An internationally-celebrated and dedicated teacher, Peter's instruction model works to engage all modes of learning by offering a blend of visual presentations, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice sessions. For more information, see Peter's full bio here.