It all started when…

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We do several things here at MYCOLOGOS.

Our main focus is on mycology educational. We offer a range of online and (soon) in-person courses on the science of mycology (e.g. fungal biology, taxonomy, identification, and ecology), its applied arts (e.g. mushroom cultivation, medicinal mushroom processing, and mycoremediation), and the cultural impacts of fungi historically and contemporarily.

As a part of our courses, we also offer students access to a web forum where ideas can be shared and elaborated upon.

We also operate a demonstration Fungi Farm in Portland, Oregon where we cultivate a variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for market and for a seasonal mycology supply subscription box service.

We also share our love of fungi in a variety of other practical goods we sell in our shop, including clothing items and various forms of artwork designed in-house.